Nicholas Clare


Nicholas Clare’s debut novel combines a wealth of professional experience in both science and writing into an entertaining and creative work. After a Cambridge science degree and trying his hand at everything from quantum mechanics to weather forecasting and from information technology to rock and blues music, he settled down to a career as a freelance translator – a job requiring not only languages, but also an understanding of often wide-ranging subject material and a varied set of writing skills.

Books he has translated include fiction, biography, fine arts, photography, spirituality, IT and communications, management, food & drink, travel and sciences.

He has lived in the Netherlands for a number of years, spent far too much money on an ageing Maserati but otherwise has no exotic or dangerous pets (with the possible exception of his son), has the occasional BMI-driven fitness jag but more normally enjoys his beer, and plays keyboards and bass in local bands (but don’t tell the taxman).

Nicholas Clare is a pseudonym.


In conversation

…with Tessera, the publisher
…with Michelle Connor, writer and blogger


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