Obvious writing skill… great lexicon you’ve created for this world, great science. The plot is a strength, and the range covered. This isn’t a single-track main plot; it needs and has breadth, with the vignettes of the other lives… The best part for me was Jen and Miko: a pièce de résistance. So moving, and so full of the technology, but subtly drip-fed to the reader in between the speech and the insight into Jen’s character. And the next chapter too: that revelation is another fabulous high-point.

Susie D., editor, Netherlands, on the first draft


I enjoyed reading your book; I got really emotionally involved, which is a great sign. I think there’s a huge amount of potential here. You have great ideas, and I see the core of a really engaging and literary novel. […]
You’ve put a great amount of energy and effort into showing the events of these characters’ lives with transparency and depth. You have a talent for subtle interactions, for dialogue, and for humor. The average reader is not going to memorize the hierarchy, so be ready to explain via subtext every interaction where that knowledge is important. You do this brilliantly in places. […]

Amelia B., editor and author, United States, on the second draft


[…] It is testament to the strength of your writing that you managed to keep me engaged […] Your writing is vivid and convincingly creates a very detailed setting which you clearly know very well. You paint a vivid picture and bring your world alive with great descriptions and use of language.[…]

Sara E., author, United Kingdom, on the third draft


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